As we come into the winter we are very excited to announce our new venue space in the basement of the Shaw that we’ve been working on for near eternity. There’s been setbacks and delays to beat the band but there’s light on the horizon as the space launches in September

As well as hosting gigs, the space will also feature a studio for artists to record music and a lifestyle shop during the day selling everything from records & prints to candles & threads. 

Racket has a world class Funktion One Soundsystem along with a modular stage designed to be able to cater for any event from live & podcast to club & comedy. The space’s white walls are with Exhibitions in mind with space for up to 34 square meters of wall space for displaying & exhibiting art & visuals. 

The Studio is a purpose built music studio with a start of the art monitoring system and considered design to make it as comfortable a space as possible to get creative in. The space can also be used to record podcasts, mixes, or simply as a meeting room. 

The Shop will sell a range of lifestyle, music & art products from Ireland and abroad. Also there will be a choice selection of records for sale from labels domestic & international, old and new. The selection will mimic the space’s music policy, from live to club.