Crucible Presents: Boys Vs Girls @ The Racket Space

  • 25.11.2023
  • 11:00 pm
  • 3:00 am (finishes)
  • 7.50 / 10

πŸ”₯ Prepare for an intense descent into the shadows of sound in Dublin! πŸ”Š


We’ve assembled an explosive lineup of both boys and girls, and the question on everyone’s mind is: who’s going to push the boundaries? The lads or the ladies?


🎧 Kicking off the night, we have the electrifying duo – Billie Jean B2B with Pavan. Billie Jean, a crucible debutante, is no stranger to the Dublin scene, and she’s been exploring her harder side, unleashing techno beats that’ll blow your mind. Paired with the legendary Pavan, you can expect relentless, hard-hitting techno that will keep you dancing all night!


πŸ”Š Next up, it’s the dynamic duo – CXH and Shelley. If you were at our last two events, you know CXH knows how to destroy the dance floor. With industrial, hard-hitting techno and fast-paced tracks, she’ll have you locked in. Matched with Shelley making his Crucible debut, get ready for a fusion of hard styles that’ll leave you wanting more!


πŸ’₯ HRX, a legend in the underground scene and rave community, is making her first appearance back in Ireland since her adventures in Germany. She’s known for her love of hard tekno, sharaz, and hardstyle, and she’s promising her hardest set ever. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to witness her incredible performance!


πŸ‘Ή Last but not least, we have The Menace, a Welsh lad known for his love of all things hard dance. He’s cranking up the BPM for an extreme set of hardcore, gabber, raw style, and uptempo beats. Make sure to bring your helmets πŸͺ–


Get ready to join us for a night of absolute madness! We can’t wait to see you all there πŸ˜‰