Prozak & M4A4 Production Workshop

  • 23.07.2024
  • 7:00 pm
  • 9:00 pm (finishes)
  • Arts & CultureMusic


AMPM are delighted to announce our first workshop in the style of a music production class inviting none other than one of the leading names in UKG worldwide, Dublin-based and Ireland’s very own, “PROZAK”!

Alongside him, we also have the great opportunity to have his “Bluepress” counter-part and super talented electronic music producer “M4A4”.

Just off the back of their second Bluepress release “Badboy No Good” the pair have been building this imprint “brick by brick” and we have no doubt the future holds some exciting and interesting times for all.

This production style workshop will allow music enthusiasts, producers and anyone looking to up their productions (or start) by giving us all a closer look into just how these wizards do it!