Talkatives: Dublin’s Biggest Slam Poetry Event

  • 05.05.2024
  • 6:30 pm
  • 9:00 pm (finishes)
  • Arts & Culturecomedy

Join us for an unforgettable evening of spoken word poetry, storytelling, and community connection at Talkatives! Hosted by WeAreGriot, Talkatives brings together poets, artists, and poetry enthusiasts from all walks of life to celebrate the power of the spoken word.

Featuring a diverse lineup of talented performers, each Talkatives event showcases the raw emotion, creativity, and passion of spoken word poetry. From powerful performances to intimate storytelling, every Talkatives night promises to inspire, entertain, and leave you wanting more.

Whether you’re a seasoned poet or simply love experiencing the magic of spoken word, Talkatives offers a welcoming space for everyone to share their voice, connect with like-minded individuals, and celebrate the beauty of language and expression.

Don’t miss out on this special edition of Talkatives – grab your tickets now and join us for a night of poetry, community, and unforgettable moments!