Techno Den: Pride Rave by TRP & Insight

  • 23.06.2023
  • 10:00 pm
  • 3:00 am (finishes)
  • Arts & CultureMusic

A proper Techno party, find the best of melodic techno, progressive house, progressive techno, peak time techno with 4 great DJs.


Immerse yourself in a sea of colourful lights, pumping basslines, and an atmosphere that embraces individuality and freedom.

Get ready to dance your heart out to the sounds of renowned techno DJs, who will take you on a journey through hypnotic rhythms and mind-bending melodies. Lose yourself in the music and let your inhibitions fly away as you connect with like-minded souls in a space of pure acceptance and joy.


Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or simply support the cause, this event welcomes everyone who believes in the power of love, self-expression and music. So come as you are, dress to impress or simply be comfortable, and let the techno ignite your passion at this unforgettable Pride Party!

Meet our DJs, who’ll bring the best of techno, from melodic, to aggressive bangers:

• Pierre – @dj_pierr

• Dr. Flamer – @dj.dr.flamer

Pierr and Flamer, two Italian DJs who have a very unique style, they have played over most of Dublin’s clubs over the last 20 years, bringing some great experience to it’s listeners, sometimes they improvise a surprise B2B.

• Dellucht – @dellucht

This DJ and producer blends the greatest melodies with some Progressive Techno bringing a show with him everytime

• Romanetto – @fromanetto

This upcoming Techno artist believes on the power of aggressive bangers with the subtlety of harmonic symphonies, always brings his crowds to extasie with strong trippy techno sets.