The Racket Gallery & Exhibition Space

Info for exhibitors

Projector + Screen

The space is equipped with a projector and 1.5 x 2.65 metre screen, which can easily lower and retract using a remote. The projector uses a HDMI connection, and can be connected to via the HDMI port in the wall. Exhibitors are welcome to host screenings here, or display visuals throughout an exhibition.

Display Panels

The room features 6 display panels, which can be easily adjusted to display work. Each panel measures 1 x 1.5 metres. Exhibitors are welcome to display work in other parts of the room, pending discussion with the venue manager.

Audio/Visual Room

Just outside the main space, we have an audio visual room complete with two Void speakers and monitor screen. Although not part of the main space, this room could be used for works that involve audio, video, or both.


We have a fully stocked bar, that can be staffed for the launch night of the exhibition. Drinks are also available to purchase upstairs during usual bar hours.


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